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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moody Ngee

Hi there.... I'm back in action... Since I started my level 109 in ELS at 3rd Nov 2008. My life was Busy , Tired , and Full of PROBLEMS !!!!!!! ARGH~~~~
The 109 life that I expected was totally Different... Ecspecially the bloody WRITING, it really KILLING me... Before this.. I mean in the previous level I didn't find that writing is a problem for me... But now............... IT really make me DIE, STRESS and BLEEDING.... It sound like really Scary, Terrible and Horrible~~~ Due to these stress, Problem occur...


1) I don't feel like want to eat... in another word = Eating Disorder
2)Cant sleep well at night... Always have NIGHTMARE~~~
3)Feel tired easily
4)Emo easily

What can I do to realease STRESS???
I am really worry that I cant pass my 109 & I worry I make the wrong decision on choosing the University and course...

Last but not least, I feel SAD to leave my lovely Housemates and roomates... I really wish I could have more time to be with you guys... But unfortunely, this month (November) may be the last month I live, eat, sleep, enjoy, and chat with you all in 19... Although I know we still can keep in touch in the future by sms, phone call and msn. But as the time run, and our life will become more and more busy... The time for us to keep in touch , chit chat , and share experience will getting lesser and lesser... T__T


I have no choice... This called "LIFE"
I will not forget you all~~~ I love you all~~~