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Sunday, January 31, 2010

~~~~****Taiwan Trip****~~~~~

I did mentioned i went to Taiwan with my family and sure we took photos..
Here I combined some photos due to too much of photos wanna share here..
It was 8 days 7 nights trip..
Below are the trip schedule

First Day (28.12.2009)
> Arrive at 桃园机场,台北
> Visit 九份(因为以前那座山只有九家人)
> Live in 北城饭店

Second Day (29.12.2009)
> Visit 中正纪念馆(自由广场)
> Live in 统一度假村(Hello Kitty)

Third Day (30.12.2009)
> Visit 六福村主题游乐场
> Live in 金鹅度假村(一晚大约RM1000)

Forth Day (31.12.2009)
> Visit 鱼人码头(流星花园取景地)
> Visit 淡水老街
> Visit 五份甫
> Countdown at 台北101大楼

Fifth Day (01.01.2010)
> Visit 野柳
> Visit 忠烈祠
> Visit 故宫(博物馆)
> Shopping 士林夜市

Sixth Day (02.01.2010){free and easy}
> Shopping 五份甫
> Shopping 西门町

Seventh Day (03.01.2010){free and easy}
> Shopping 西门町
> Shopping 五份甫
> Visit 美丽华
>Shopping 士林夜市

Let me show the photos..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alex Low Yong Kang's Big Day!!!

This was the very first time celebrate his birthday and I didnt did any preparation due to the shortage of time...
Went to have dinner at Food and Tea
Then watch "The spy next door"
It was a nice movie AND is recommended.

well, I did some shopping as well...
I bought a present for someone and 1 CNY shirt..
I'm carving for RED and Yellow shirt or blouse...
Can anyone help me???

Monday, January 11, 2010

I just back from Vacation with my family and 19 sweet home members..
I went to Taiwan with Family on 28th Dec2009 till 04th Jan 2010...
Went to P.Penang with 19 Sweet Home members...
I will upload some photos...
Gimme some time to arrange all the things...

Next week (Monday) is a big day...
Cause almost all my friend will proceed their study to degree in UTAR...
me... I have to extent due to my CGPA did not over 2.0
Now i still wondering what subjects should I take to increase my CGPA...
Wish me luck.. All my friend...
All the Best for all my friends...