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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve's dinner

Is Christmas Day~~~
What you did for Christmas Eve's?
went for countdown?
went to club?
stay at home watch tv?
spend the whole day with your love one?
I spend the whole morning at Tropicanal City Mall
then decided to have something different for the dinner.
I decided to make steak..
for HIM~~~
Below is the final product of my steak...
Black pepper sauce chicken chop..<3
wish you will like it...

Black Pepper chicken chop with crossaint, brocolli, wedges, and mushroom soup.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sem break - sungai Petani & P.Penang

6 of US.. left(up) Gwen. left -sharlene- -Shangree- -Wendy- -Me- -TeczYong-
Went to Penang again with friends but different friends..
We suppose depart at Bukit Jalil but end up took taxi to Jalan Duta due to that idiot reporter not clear voice and speaker. This incident made Tecz yong very beh song, for the very first time i witnessed he was in crazy condition and look like wanna kill that person. I also not dare to talk to he... so scaaarrryyyyyy~~~~~ 
Reach Sungai Petani at around 3pm, this is Shangree's home town... Then we head to her house to rest and took shower. Night time, before we went for dinner, we went to Central Square(the oldest shopping mall in Sg Petani), played arcade at there. Then ate bak ku teh, food at there really much more cheaper at KL . We 6 person eat only RM64 and with alot of pork meat balls.. yumyum~~~~ 
Then head to another shopping mall - village mall(the latest shopping mall) 
In about 3 hour time, we went to 2 shopping mall~~~~ Geng!!! 
Before back to shangree house, she wanted to bring us to try her hometown local food- Nasi Lemak (RM0.60 per pack) with many flavor..
i) Udang
ii) Ikan Bilis
iii) Ikan Masin
iv) Daging Ayam
It is really nice to eat, although we were very full buy Tecz still able to ate 2-3 pack..
Unfortunately, we forgot to took the photo for nasi lemak. ^.<
Come to the next day, wake up and prepare to go Penang...
We had brunch at somewhere nearby Sg.Dua 
Then i think i will let the photos tell the story..... hehee~~~~
For more information please visit 椰脚鸡仔(Spring Chicken below Coconut Tree)
#3# At shangree's house before out for dinner
#4# time to depart to penang
#6# at Tanjong Bungah Hotel before go to beach...
#7# the sexy Tecz yong

#8# First time- Failed
#9# Second time- consider sucess
#11# 3 of us in Black
#12# Jiin and me.. I like this photo. ^^
#13# Personally Love this photo~~
#14# at the swimming pool
#15# at the swimming pool again..
#15# Dinner at Gurney drive. Tecz, Jiin and me ordered ALOT of foodssss.... Yummy~~~
#16# Eat cendol
#17# the only photos for penang food... Kesian all those food which we had digest~~~~ no photo for "you"

Thursday, October 14, 2010


我真的累了!!!泪了~ T_T
现在的我好想好想一个人静静喝下一两杯, 让自己醉了就昏头大睡.

叶馨槿, 我好想念你!!! 你在的话,多好啊!!!
突然想起一首歌唱- cry on my shoulder

p/s : what i said today are totally not related and the post is just too not arranging.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


These few weeks were really BUSY!! 
BUSY with what???? 
hahaha... XD 
1. Famine 30
2. prepare for final exam
3. eat at everywhere.. (lolxx)
Yet, Famine 30 had come to the end....
It was awesome and successful....
Glad i am one of the main com - Secretary
Here I would like to credit to all main com, Helpers, Faci , emcee, technical and also CAMPERS!!!!

these two weeks kept on eat at many place..
Last Monday, we went to eat seafood dinner....
yummy~~~ <3 i love it.. I miss it too..
Thanks Gwen and Gino for paying the bill...
we ordered, lala, 2 different cooked crab, sotong and one vege..
that was also a farewell dinner for Gino..
bye Gino~~~~ >.<
Weather is too HOT!!!!
Make me loss my temper to study, get angry easily and give up easily...
how good if my room got air-cone...
Sharlene Ng, when you wanna move out??
i cant wait liao la... wish to get a bigger room...if can attached with AIR-CONE!!
anyhow, I still have to study for final.. 
wish me LUCK!!!
Another funny thing was...
my roommate broke my mirror last tuesday..
when we reach dinner place..
she asked me. :"esther, 那里有金纸卖?"
I was shocked!!! and asked she why she need 金纸.....
Then she said, 我打破你的"金纸"了嘛....
OMG!!!!!!! what she meant was mirror - 镜子!!! not 金纸...
please la... next la talk nicely with clear voice and meaning. 
dont act like so pity
i beh tahan a!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

***~~~~~Tecz Yong's Birthday Celebration~~~~~~***

myself with the birthday Cake

Venue: Korean BBQ Nak Won Restaurant
Date : 8th August 2010

People involved : Tecz, Esther, Ashley, Nson, Alex, Vincent & Yi chai

** We celebrate his Birthday one day EARLIER.... **
Let photos tell the story

Our Dinner..
The BBQ pork...
The Birthday Boy!!!!
Birthday boy and Boys
Birthday Boy and Girls
Random Photos

 Another celebration was with shangree and sharlene
Sharlene and Shangee <3
Wonder milk's cupcake
Celebration at Wondermilk. replace cake by using cup cake
Esther & Tecz

Present from Me for Him
P/s Hopefully he enjoy the birthday celebration...