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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why was She so AngRy?

Gosh~~~ I start the post by this type title??!! Am I really Alright?? Well....Now is 11.40ppm and It was just happen few minutes ago-- before daddy turned on the house security system alarm. He asked whether we wanted to wash our cloth or not as the washing machine is outside my house... Then mummy said, "sure!" after that I had been ordered to washed the cloths.

Due to I felt scare to go out alone at night and I asked my sister to go with me, who knows she was mumbered there-- said that today should be the youngest sister's turn to wash cloths why she has to do so? As i know, they have a commitment that they take turn to wash the cloth. For example, this week i wish and next week your turn... This happen rapidly... Of course, mummy heard what sister mumbered, she feel "beh Song" then she walked toward me and took the basket away from me together with key. Then she walk like lightning to the door and opened it then bang the door hardly... Everyone know something goes wrong. :( I quickly followed she out and help. Now my hand feel itch~~ seems like i alegic to the soap.. sob sob ~~~ T_T

After that, Climax came!!!! She cant stand this anymore then kept on shooted my sister until she was bleeding and injured seriously~~~ (use mouth NOT gun). Her voice kept on increase, she knew she cannot get angry and scold people why she still want to do so?? Sister dont want to wash cloth mai I go lor~~~ I know how to wash cloth one, I have to wash cloths since I live at outside with friends. WHY you want to so "GIK HEI"?? Worth meh?? Do you think it is worth?

Sometimes, I really feel like no coming back TM, just stay at PJ... Do what I have to do and do what I like. The previous time I came back was when I have performance at Genting. The time i stayed at TM was not more than 12 hours... Why cant let me make my hometown as a place for me to rest and relax? I'm already very stress at PJ, but still have to act like nothing happen. Cannot simply show out my shit face.. When I show my shit face sure got people say something over there. Kuckily I have someone listen to me and always beside me... Thanks Very much~ Muacksss <3<3

Here are some photos to express my feeling now...

Now I wish that everything will be alright soon~~~~