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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Although I wasn't alone in 19 sweet home but something Horrible, Terrible happened on me. I finished my exam at about 12pm, after have lunch with ELS kia Kin fetch me to Pudu cause I wanna buy Bus tickets and Jojo's birthday present. I spent about 2 o'clock at there to buy tickets and choose the suitabe present... Due to lazy to take LRT, I decided to take Metro 12. While I was on the way toward the bus, someone's hand crash with my hand. I can say this is a very common thing when people are walking on the street. Unfortunely, It wasn't common for me, because the guy was following me. He followed me to the bus from PUDU to PJ. He was keep on following me and walked beside me like he is y friend, He kept on disturbing me and talked to me. He wanted me to be his friend... WHAT the.................... !!!!!!!! Why this kind people will come to me???
Aiksss~~~~ "Ja Jing Nan~~~"(mean angry in korean)
I was very very very very scare at that time, I cant imagine what the man wanted from me.
Will he kill me?? steal my phone?? my Purse??? I really have no idea....
Don't steal my phone again please.... T__T
When I have a chance I took out my phone and make a called to my housemate and asked for help.
Luckily they were at home and they were at PJ... If not.......... I don't know how I solve this problem. They ran out and find me , the guy had left... [luckily!!!! God Bless...]
After I reach home, I was still scare and I was numb for a few minutes... Then I grabbed all my things and go to my room just left all boys at living room with thier games. That Day, I cried.... I don't know how to express my feeling, the only ways is cry.... I cried for quite a long time then only i calm down and lied on the bed... It was really a nightmare and bad day for me... After that, my housemates tried to comfort me and accompany me in the room... He sacrified his gaming time.... Really thanks very much~~~~ Without YOU ALL, I cant imagine What , how was I....

** Thanks very mcuh~~~**

Specially For Qiing

Qiing, after i read your new post at your blog... I UNDERSTAND how you feel...This feel really make me feel sad and down~~~ However, fren always be there for you, I'm a good listener for all friends...

Now, what can you do is.... Just throw all those sad things far far away~~~ Don't let it annoy and disturb your life. Come on~~~ Cheer up~~~
Let's us wait for the 30September and enjoy our holidays with 19...
come on~~ *smile* and keep all your tissue, don't use them to wipe away your tear... Tissue use for wipe your mouth after eat one. Don't waste them!!!! lolxxx~~~ XD

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mr.Right (3 keys)

Mr right should have thses three Requirement....

They should have 3 KEYS....

First key : Key for House...

Second key : Key for Car...

Third key : Key for Your Heart...

** Boys, You have these 3Keys???
** Girls, your partner have these 3 keys???

For me, the first and second keys are not as important as the Third key...
How do you think??

Third- Day~~~

Today NO more without You all...

WHY??? Curious to know???

This is because Some of my housemates came back and accompany me...

WH0 are them???

They are Ck, Vincent and Yen..... SURE not less SiewWan la...
She just back from Genting then she came back PJ home.

Really thankyou very much for them... They came back here and accompany me and also their parents understanding.... Thank very much, aligato, hanyonghaseyo,Terimakasih... <3 <3
I love you all... muacksss....
Besides, thanks yee yao too... As he keep on sms me to know my condition and concern about me. Thankyou Yao~~~

Second day without You all.... Buuuutttt I'm NOT Alone

22September2008 was the second day for me without you all, but I'm not alone... Since Jojo knew that I will be alone at home... She, BoonBoon and Kin WANT me to overnight at jojo's house.After school we went yamcha at Cheras then hey decided to BROUGHT me to Jojo's house. Kin was really co-operate... he straight away drove us to PJ(home sweet home) and asked me to pack all my things. I have no choice... What can I do??? Nothing~~~ :( I just followed what they asked me to do. By the way, they also have the chance to visit my lovely house since they cant visit when all my housemates having exam... Happy??? What the worst thing is I faced traffic jam when we were on the way back to Cheras.... We were in the car for about 1 ++ hour.... Luckily Kin know others way to Cheras, then only we can escape from the headache traffic jam... In addition (sound like writing essay) xD , I also have the chance to eat homemade dinner... Long time didn't eat mama's cook food.. I miss mummy~~~ sob sob..
Here I would like to thanks ELS- kia for being concern about me and Thanks for Jojo's mama's dinner... Yummy~~~~

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First day without "You all" in 19

Today is 21st September 2008, Sunday. Today may be a simple and usual day for many people but It is reallt special for me. Why???

This is because I am alone in house no.19. Oh my Gosh~~~ I had never have this kind of feel before. I understand the feeling of lonely and alone. The feeling is really speachless just like the baby who don't know how to express his/her feeling. I didn't go out for my dinner just now. I cooked at home. what I cooked?? Rice with soup, chicken, fish or vegetable??? No... No... No... I cooked instant noodle with Tomyam Flavour. The noodle really "yuacks" not delicious at all. Food taste bad when people is down, no mood and even alone... aikss....

"Aikss" this sigh have come out from my mouth for hundred or even thousand times... I was just keep on sigh. What I wish is time and pass faster and let Friday come as soon as possible. I really feel uncomfortable when I am alone here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Ways To Make You Feel Happy

It is a known fact that our health is being effected by the degree of happiness we feel inside of us. We know that the happier we are, the healthier we become. The more we can avoid a stressful life and live happy the more disease resistant we are.

If we go through turbulent times in our lives most of us are able to find peace in the idea that bad times will pass eventually.

However it is important for us to realize that we have the power to change if we choose to.
If we want to feel happy our social environment is of course of the utmost importance. Therefore we must learn to be less judgmental about the people we care for and learn to accept them the way they are. After all we are all unique individuals.

So, make the decision to be a happy person and follow the self motivation tips here under. Use them as self motivation exercise in order to acquire the necessary self motivation skills, which will help you to become a much more happy and healthy person.

- Be Grateful -
There is so much to be grateful for. Take some time each day to think about the things that are good in your life. Make a list of these things and look at it from time to time, so that you are regularly reminded. Take some time to specially thank the cook for preparing you that wonderful dinner, thank the taxi driver or the friend who drove you home safely, thank the dustman for taking away your garbage, thank the mailman for bringing you your mail each day. By doing this you will make a shift and feel different inside.

- Laugh As Much As You Can -
We all know the expression: Laughter is the best medicine. So, if you know a good joke, tell it to your friends and family. Also try to see the humor in some of your own funny habits. Believe me, we have some real peculiar ones.

- Exercise -
Run, jog, go to the gym or do something that stimulates the endorphins in your body. By doing regular exercise you change your physiology, you change your body chemicals, which will make you feel different, so you start focusing on different things.

- Leave The News For What It Is -
Are you one of these people who can not start the day without having to know what’s going on in the world? Let go of that urge. News is stressful. Over 99% of it is bad news. Believe me, you can do without it.

- Practice Time Management -
One thing we all have in common is that we share the same amount of hours in a day and the same amount of days in a year and although we say it often enough, we don’t realize enough that time is far too valuable to waste. Time Management is basically a list of rules. And the rules of it can help us to waste less time. First we have to set our goals, then we need to plan them, we have to make our To Do lists and we need to prioritize them. If you use these basic skills you will be able to work through and finish your list on a daily basis, which will help you to experience feelings of happiness and contentment.

- Work Hard -
Working hard creates enormous personal satisfaction. When you have finished certain tasks you will feel that you are capable to accomplish things. And that will help to have a sense of value about ourselves.

- Learn New Things -
Learning is an enriching exercise. Try to learn something new each day. It will literally expand your world and it will create more opportunities for you in the long term. Use the internet, for instance. It can provide us with infinite amounts of information.

- Express Your Feelings -
Learn to express what you feel. Learn to show affection and warmth to the people around you and in that let go of your fears. Remember that fear is our worst advisor and it’s bad for our health.

- Find Spiritual Connections -
It would be good for you to find some sort of spiritual connection. By being in touch with spirituality on a regular basis you would foster deep inner peace. Part of this could be meditation, which is a great way to gain inner peace.

- Help Other People -
Each individual feels energized, good and warm about himself after helping another person. Be a volunteer somewhere, be a practical or financial help to someone or see how you can otherwise contribute to society. The more positive energy you put out into the world, the more you will receive in return.

I hope this article is of value to you and I hope you realize that these self motivation tips are the key to happiness. Therefore I recommend you to use these ways as self motivation exercise in order to obtain the necessary self motivation skills
One week before J-yoon left M'sia, we had lunch at Korean Restaurant. He introduce us "ja jiang mian" Although the outlook of the noodle not really nice and delicious BUT it is really yummy and delicious. I wish to eat again. By the way, the price also not "bad" orhx... Only this bowl of noodle already cost RM20++... So sorry, cause I didn't have Jojo's photo for this. She was gaving serious running at that time and not in a good condition to take photo... paisei~~~
Me and my "ja jiang mian"
Mr. J-yoon with his "ja jiang mian"

This is the "ja jiang mian" that I mentioned just now.yummiizzz

The "pei cai" for "ja jiang mian"

Monday, September 15, 2008

J-yoon last day in ELS

Here are some photos that me and my friends took before J-yoon went back to Korea.

We curi-curi take his camera and took phoos while he went back to school to do some private things. This also our suprise present for him as a farewell present as we didn't have enough time to prepared a present for him. He likes all this photos as well... ^^

Here we go.......

*I am Thinking about you*

Muacks~~ muacksss... wanna kiss you.

This two gal... What are you pointing at???

~ Me and Jojo~ *See our hands, so LONG!!*

~From the left: Jojo, Tai and Me~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Give Me Back My Phone a!!!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday(31.08.2008)[Malaysia's National Day] should be a HAPPY day for me but something had destroyed it...
Why I happy???
Sure not because of National day la... I'm not that love my country.
I happy is because i successful sale three products in that day. I was really very happy... Unfortunely something had make that day a unforgottable day for me.
My phone have been STOLEN by someone!!!!!!!! Why me??!!! I was shocked and sad when I noticed my phone was stolen. I was numb for a couple of minutes... Although I didn't show the sadness in my face but my heart was bleeding and crying... Why "YOU" want to steal my phone??? I need all those memorable photo... I want back those photos when my housemates and me went Famine 30 and when we Breaf Fast at BBQ Chicken. T__T
Now cry also Bo tears liao la.... I want back my phone and also my memory card la. I want my memory card, all my photos..... GRRrrrrr...... sob...sob... The photos... photos... photos..... Desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!