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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abby's Birthday Celebration~

19 is here,who do not give face???
Hehe... Last minute changed plan, birthday gal have to delay other dates.
Even we are facing final exam, but we still wish to celebrate with Abby...
Where to celebrate? Murni? Kaki Corner? Full House?
NoNoNo... This time we celebrate at a place that never go before-- Cowboy
Foods and beverages at there still consider OK, but price...abit expensive
After dinner for sure is photography session~~

Mummy's Birthday Cake XD (Creamy but taste still OK geh)
Changed postures... Hehe
LO+VE=by couple
2 bodyguards protected birthday mummy...
Mummy, don't care who you are, where you are, how you are...
We still a family, 19 forever~
"Less contact doesn't mean forget, less chit chat doesn't mean not care"
This is the phrase that I created for all my frenz...
I will never forget y'all!!!

P/S: Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Sister, All The Best for Your Future...
Keep Contact, 19 Spirit will Never Die~~

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The following posts are some diet meal recipe...
As X'mas an new year are coming sure guys and gals wish to have "leng leng" body shape to attend some party.
Let's do something and make ourselves have better body shape.
I found these from Ifeel magazine..

Menu 3 :: 7 Days diet soup

Function :: 7 days lose 15 pounds
Tips :: The soup ingredients ( 4-6 Onions, 4-6 Tomatoes , 1 Broccoli, 2 Green peppers, some celery and some salt.


Day 1 : Eat only fruit( NO BANANA) + diet soup
Day 2 : Lettuce and diet soup
Day 3 : Eat only Vegetable ( NO POTATOES)
Day 4 : Low Fat Milk + Banana / diet soup
Day 5 : 300 - 500 gram of Beef + diet soup
Day 6 : 300 -500 gram of Beef + Vege Salad (NO POTATOES)
Day 7 : Brown Rice+ vege / diet soup

Menu 2 :: 3 days Apple Diet Meal

Function :: 3 days loses 5 pounds.
Tips :: Take this recipe for 3 days, if you feel thirsty only plain water. If find it difficult, you may replace a meals with apple milk shake.


Day 1 to 3 eat only apple...(red or green apple) quantity is not important.

Reminder :: people who have gastric are not suitable to take this diet meal because the Nutrition is not balanced.

Menu 1~ Diet Menu

Function : This menu can help you to slim down you bottom part and it will not affect your upper part body.
Tips : Follow this menu for 10 days together with 300ml low fat milk.


Oat + 2 teaspoon of honey + 1 cup of original flavor yogurt.


8oz of yellow bean + 4 slice of oat bread + vegetable filling( lettuce+ cucumber + onion) + low fat sauce


1 slice of Honeydew / 1 slice of grapefruit / 1 bowl of soup + stem fillet / 6oz of stem chicken + boiled vegetable.

*This is Grapefruit*