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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Second Out-Going with TB gangzz

Aiyarrr~~~ Everyone was asking when I going to update my blog again. Sorry for everything, I was being BUSY recently with many type of stuffs.

Well, How was our 2nd out going day?? uh-huh... We went to Station 1 cafe that located at Jaya 1 (section 17). Something special happen on that day and I never have had this kind experience before... What is it?? It was have ALCOHOL- Beer at noon... Amazing huh??!! lolxx...
Then some of my coursemate worry that after lunch they might have no car lot for them to park the car, then they walked from Block PE(college) to Jaya 1... The whole journey took about 15-20mins. Although it was tiring to walk under the hot sun but everyone of them enjoyed it as about 15 peoples walked together in a Big Gang... How "wei shui" o.... lolx... XD

Alright, I suppose to post some photos, but the photos are not with me yet so I will try to upload it as soon as possible. ^^

P/S: Henry, England... Paisei la, Now only I update... Now I have clean up some spider web... I will try my best to clean up all spider web...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Out-going day with TB1 and TB2

5th Feb 2009

Today go to school as usual with Cassia and Landy. What so special and make me wanna share my day at my blog?? The First reason is I didn't update my blog for years and the Second one is something special for me happen today.

Every Thursday I have 2 lecture classes, the first lecture start at 8-10am and second one start at 12-2pm. In between the time, I have 2 hours break time. For sure I use the time to have brunch with my coursemates. That day we decided to have brunch at others place instead of SP corner(mamak), and cafetaria at PD block.Where we go leh?? We went to McD that locate at seksyen 14.
This was the first time we go out to have brunch, around 20 persons. We went there by 5 cars. Because of many of them don't know the way to go there, Li Weng lead all the cars to McD. It was memorable, as it was the first time we had brunch together at different place.

Next, let the photos tell the story (situaion at McD)

McD my choice?? No more UTAR my choice?