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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Birthday Post Dinner

Event: Esther's burthday post dinner

Location : SS2 Wong Kok cha Chang Teng

Just now went dinner with Abby...
I told she I wish to drink the Giant milk tea when My birthday with 19 members...
Whose know i have to rush back to my hometown on my birthday..
I ffk them...
sorry.. ^^
Today abby and I went there to have dinner..
My dream come true.... xixi
although not all of 19members were with me but I really enjoyed the dinner....
Thanks Abby... muackssss.... <3

** ngee and milk tea**

~~!Abby and The milk tea!~~

*~! Medium milk tea not Giant one cause only two of us!~*

~~! Abby and Me with the Medium Milk tea!~~

~~!The main course we ordered and two side dishes!~~

Good Bye~~~

Time pass really Fast~~~

Just a blink of eye, and Is time to say "byebye"

to all my UTAR friends...

Tomorrow will be the last week we have the same lecture and tutorial...

Next week will be the study week


final exam is coming...

Good Bye my friend and Take Care... ^^

everybody.. still remember the moment we worked hard together and make our exhibition so successful??

Wish everyone all the Best~~~
Muacksssss... <3

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank you my lovely 19 and Dear

I knew u guy have plan to celebrate my Birthday....
So sorry that I have to rush back to my hometown.
Thanks for you guy's Caring. <3
Thanks for you guy's present...
Let me treat you guy back next time. K?
Miss you all....
Thankyou Dear...
Thanks for you presents
Thanks for care me so much...
Thanks for share my problem...
Thanks alot alot to you!!!!!

Happi Birthday OR Sad Birthday???

Why must Birthday be HAPPY???
Why everyone wish me Happy Birthday but I didnt have any happiness with me????
she wish me come back hometown and so i did....
at last what did i get?????
her cold and black face?????????
Hear she keep on blame???
It was just a small matter??
she want angry till when??
next year??
untill I die????

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Right after visited Jiin's blog...
She's now busying with her preparation for the coming SPM.
Nevertheless, I would like to congratzz she that
She PASS the Undang2 test....
In her blog, she mentioned about parents....
I miss them much... especially mummy for no reason....
Now I understand why people always say " Home sweet Home"
Home is the most warm and safe place for me...
Once I face some problem, the first thing, person comes to my minds
my family and Mummy...

Now already end of week 4 in 3rd trimester
I started to apply course transfer before this sem started
today I go again to ask, the guy told me the date to apply already OVER!!
WHAT THE.......
I started to apply since 4-5 weeks ago and now you tell me the date to apply is over!!!
Why you want to treat me like this??
This already annoy me for a long long period..
I already being emotion and stress for these few days..
No appetise to eat... ansomia.. headache...
PLEASE... Dont come and annoy me..
Let me settle everything ASAP...

Now only i realise that, when things happen..
I have nobody to talk to..
I not dare to tell my parents this problem...
I dont wish them to worry about me...
I was trying my very best to pretend nothing happen on me to ppl around me..
When I want find someone to talk to
I have Nobody..
I feel like friends are getting far from me....
the feeling is like, 很熟悉但又陌生
I really miss the moment when we are all together...
** I love you mummy**
** I miss you, my friend **
** I <3 my Family **