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Thursday, July 17, 2008

SupErrrr TIREDDDD..... >.<

Yesterday i went to my friend's house(JoJo a.k.a Strawberry) to do a presentation for today. I overnight at her house and when I reach her house i got the feel that i reach my own home... It is really comfortable and feel good.... "I fell good... uhuh~~uhuh~~" lolx.... We started to do the presentation from 6.30pm until 2a.m.... After that, we oioI... and this morning we have to wake up at 6++ to go to school... Two of us was lack of sleep... The whole day, we just looked like a Zombie... And tell you secretly, today i had 15 min nap in the class(writing lesson). hehe... XD... shhrrr... dunu tell others o... O.o After i reach home today, i fast fast do my homework and have dinner at 3.60... Afterthat i took a nice bath then I slep... piggy~~~ Unfortunately, I cant sleep well cause got someone bo heart guys just making noise at the lorong behiind my home sweet home.... Then i just wake up and write this... And now i got to oioi liao.... super tired... and my dear housemate-- Shangee need my PC urgenly for DOTA.... aiksss.... Bo bian la... you know I'm a good gal of coz i will lend it to him de...... night~~~ muacks <3

-nightnight... oiOi time-

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happi Birthday Zoe ^^ (11.7.2008)

Today is Zoe, my SSP teacher birthday. We had a suprise party for her. Abdullah went to buy a strawberry cake from Secret Recipe during break time. She was touched and tear was rolling in her eyes.Anyhow, I just wanna wish her Happy Birthday..

HaPpY B!rThdaY Z0E^^
wish you all dreams comes true and happy always <3

Monday (7.7.08)

Hai hai... I'm back in action... keke... This few days i was busii with my stuff and now my blog got some spider-web edi.. :( Now only i got the time to update something here.Hmm... let mii think what I want to share here....oh -ya~~ last week i had my one week holiday right?? I baked two cake, 1. chocolate cake 2. yam cake.I baked the yam cake f0r a little girl who dance together with mii last time, another chocolate cake for my family.Last Monday was my first day in level 105 at ELS. That morning i went to school as usual, in the LRT (putra) I saw a guy that stand behind me look similar to Ernest. Ecspecially his eyes and mouth and long time didn't see ernern liao... miss he tim>.< Since he started studied at N.9 , he seldom back to TM and didn't hear about he.."bo sound bo air" About one month didn't see he liao... sign~~

For your information, In ELS the teacher for every class will always change as well as students. That mean every month we can same class with different people.I'm glad because i have Zoe as my SSP teacherm she came from England. Rachel as my R&W(reading & writing) teacher, every student said she is a good teacher and she is a Malaysian. Lastly, Bob as my conversation teacher, he is a America. While we had our conversation class suddenly he spoke very fast untill we cant undersdtand what was he talking about. Then i wondering if I go to USA next time for my further study , can I able to understand them and can I suit myself there?? worry~~ T.T However, I'm happy that I have 3 PRO teacher im ,y class for this month. I must work harder to archieve my goal. By the way, another different thing is there are 6 chinese in my class. None like last month only 2 chinese in the class... I believe I will enjoy myself in this class and I will always appeciate it.Thanks.... muackss <3

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boring holiday

I having my one week holiday now... Actually holiday can be very fun and enjoy but don't know why IT bore for me looor!!! er..er..er.. and now i don't know what should i write... hmm... Oh..ya, today i read a magazine and there got some meaningful for our life.







*做人要像阳光, 随时随地给人温暖。



























-我们是不是应该学学以上做人的道理呢?? 不妨试试吧。。。-

Now already 12.25am, is time for mii to sleep.. i'm a guai lui mah, must sleep early one.. keke... just kidding... good night @ sweet dream~~

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday & Monday & Tuesday

halor... i'm back. keke~~~ Last Sunday I went to Ipoh together with my mama to visit my grandma.We went there by my parents' friends car. We overnight at my aunt's house, rest very last at night. The next day early in the morning my aunt woke me up and keeped on talked to me... She taugh me already woe up but actually not. It was about 5.30am and i woke up to prepared allmy stuff. Then i followed my aunt fetched my cousin to school. After that we went to my grandma house and go for breakfast. The whole day i kept on eating only... Morning ate "hakka noodle"and a bottle of yogurt drink. Afternoon I ate asam laksa. red bean soup,mini donuts, seafood porridge, seafood noodle and so on... Then mummy and i took 7pm bus back to TM. You know how long was the journey from Ipoh to TM?? I think you can't imagine... It took 2.30hours... I sat untill my butt also "pian" liao... T.T Today was a boring day for me.. I have nothing to do, mumyshop didn't have many customer. sienz dao.... Noting special to share today.. biess... muacks