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Thursday, July 30, 2009

30th July 2009 ----- Not my Day~~ T_T

Today is not my Day!!! Why i say so??!! Early in the morning prepare everything to college, then receive a message from someone said that she is not feeling well and not going to college.. I have a look at my phone, it showed 7.30am.... arg... still early wad, my class start at 8am. So i just get myself ready and go to get myself a cab to college. I was fine with that as i believe I will be able to reach college on time. When i get out from my room, I cant found my Bee slipper... Gosh~~~ Where is it?? I was wondering..... I did remenber I wore it to room after have dinner.

Since I was rushing to college I forget about it first. When I came to downstair, I saw my slipper were there. What's came to my mind at that time?? I was trying to record back whether I wear the slipper or not last night.. I remenber I wore, but how come it is here now???

Here I think maybe is someone who childish did this kind silly and idiot thing to me!! I was quite angry and leave a message to one of my housemate which i wrote last night--- to complain about the internet line.

I fail to get myself a cab and time show 7.50am already... I will be late and without any choice I try to called abby and she send me to college. Luckily abby wake up edi and Thankyou for helping me when I was in this condition.

The whole day no mood and didnt talk much in college... Cassia came to college after she feel better... When we finished all classes for yesterday, we balik rumah la... But i discover that she forget to bring an extra helmet for me.. I feel upset and down in my heart but still try my best to press out "smile" and pretend nothing happen. She felt sorry and ask me wait at college she go back home and get me a helmet.. I rejected and asked she back home first since she was not feeling well. I plan to take cab but I was really un lucky, I cant get a cab as well... I then decide to walk back home..

In the journey I walked back, I realize sometimes it is good to have a such long way walk alone cause this might let you to solve some problem... Yesterday, problem that came to my mind was why she forget to bring helmet to me... I kept on tell myself she has no responsible to fetch me. I shouldnt get angry or feel upset... This is such a long long long story~~~ 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shopping's Conquest

In these few weeks i went to get myself something i wish to have for long time.. For sure I didnt purchase all in one day... hehe....

Here come the conquestssss....

** Bubble Bag**

This bag very long and big , can cover my body... hehe^^

Perfume shower gel.... Smell Good and I bought it with RM20 , cause have promotion... ^^

A pair of scandel shoes... I wanted it for so long and at last i found the design i want...

**Vincci's shoes, also bought when 30% Off**

HomeMade Fruit Cake

It had been Long time I didnt Update my blog.. >.<

I was quite Busy recently with Mid-term test and Assignment.

Today I finish all My mid-term test... Got mood to update Blog~~ hehe^^

Many thing happen in this few week and I will show the interesting part here... hoho ^O^

Last few weeks I made 2 Fruit cake. I accept the order from my cousin,Kelly and my sister, Jiin.

My cousin wants give the cake to her friend( Yin Jou) as Birthday Present.

Jiin pulak wants present the cake to her Tuition Teacher(Miss Lim)... actually she was my tuition teacher as well... ^^...

AnyHow, I would Like to wish June and July'S Babies..... Happy Birthday and have a Memeroble Birthday ^^

This is the cake for Yin Jou

View from side

View from UP

Here is the cake for Miss Lim

View from side

View from Up

How the cakes look??? Nice l0Oking??

Give Comment ya .. ^.<