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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch at Chilli's

Last Friday I had lunch with classmates after class at Chillis... As we had our last class at KLCC, Viki brought us there and divided us into pairs... She gave us a mission and we had to finish the mission as fast as we could together with the things she needed... My group won the game... ^^

Congratz ya... Hadi ^^V

After that, we went for lunch... Who are WE?? We are Miss JoJO , Mr Seraj , Mr Abdullah , Mr Hesham and Miss Yap( me) ^^... hehe...

Let me show you what we ordered....





I ordered this... >> Country fried Chicken<<

Miss Jojo ordered this... But I cant remenber the name... sorry ya... >.<
Three Mr ordered the same meal .... >> Lamb Steak <<>

Me and Jojo... I was eating sweet corn but it actually NOT SWEET but SALTY !!!! Too much Salt... Gosh~~~

>> Davyson... Abdullah... Jojo... Shahab... ME... Hussien... Seraj(the one with blue shirt) <<

~~**## THE END ##**~~

Friday, October 24, 2008

So Sick!!

I suppose to post some interesting photos today but I'm so sick... I should take more rest. Perhaps I will post it by tomorrow after work. so sorry...
SO SICK~~~~~
Whole bosy also pain already just like an old lady....
Even my bone feel pain as well as if old people who have "feng sap"...
sob~~ sob~~
I want to recover soon... I don't want take medicine !!!! ARrrrhhhHHH~~~~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Souvenir From Leo(Korean Guy)

Last week Leo came back from Korea, his home country. He was my classmate when we were in Level 106. Due to he went back to his home country, he wasn't in the same class as me... His daddy own a soap factory at Korea, and this time he brought back some soap from Korea for me as souvenir...

Isn't it nice??? The soap brand is [Debon]~~~~ I just keep it on cupboard and I didn't use it as i don't use soap for bath... BUt anyway, Thankss very much for the soap... It really smell good and the smell didn't made me feel uncomfortable.


Happy Birthday Grandma

Last two week, My family and I went back to Epoh to celebrate my grandni birthday...

As a grandchild, I didn't buy any present for her but I bake a cake for her... I think the cake is more expensive and great for her than those expensive birthday present... Am I right??

I wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Always...

Let's Sing a Birthday Song for her...

1.. 2.. 3.. Start

Happy Birthday To You~~
Happy Birthday To you~~
Happy Birthday To YOU~~
Happy Birthday To You~~

From--- Lovely Grandchild

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley a.k.a Qing

Today I would like to talk about 08-10-2008 again.... This is my roomate a.k.a friend birthday wor.. How dare I don't touch it and just mention a bit in the last post??? How dare I ?? right ?
The first celebration was a be-early Birthday party at Port Dickson when we went for a vocation. The second celebration was a be-lated Birthday at Home Sweet Home.
Now let's the photos tell the story...

The First Celebration - Port Dickson

Chocolate Ice-cream Cake // Make A wish first // Say Peace ^^

She was given a mission to use mouth and pick up the candle inside the cake. pity-ing~~~

The second Celebration - Home Sweet Home

The chocolate cake that I made

Happy 18 Birthday ASHLEY ^^

She and the Cake...

-Sweet Home- Wan, Qing and Shangee( Top right to left)
Jaz a.k.a Amir, Ngee and Abby (Down right to left)
P/S : The photo not arrange in proper and nice way.. Paisei~~~

Thursday, October 9, 2008


What a special day??? 08.10.2008 ? Can you remenber???
hehehe..... It was ShuQing a.k.a Ashley Birthday larr... (牛一)
At here wish her Happy Birthday sin....
By the way, It was a important day some UTAR's student as thier final exam result released at the same day afternoon...

How I know??? uh--hum~~~ dun forget that I live together with a gang of Utarian leh... Sure I know about this... And sure I also wanna know their result so I sent a message to one of my housemate and asked... kekeke~~~~~~~ what a "8婆"!!!!!!! I dun care cause I really concern and curious to know their result as we are one family also mah.....

God bless~~~ Thanks God... They all Pass the exam !!!! yeehaa~~~ ^^V
The one who sleep during exam also pass... really thanks God, cause I really worry that he will fail the exam.... Luckily he pass and he pass with quite high gred in that subject... phew~~~
However, for those who feel unsatisfied for their exam result, you have better work harder and pay more effort in the coming new Sem....

Jiayou orhx~~~~ Be confident, Believe in yourself

On the other hand, I still don't know how are all my TM Kia fren's result... Anywhere, I wish them all the best and everything goes on smoothly~~~ Ngee love you all... muacks... Muacksss... muackkkssss.....
For TM Kia who study at MMU, good luck for your exam... jiayou~~~ Gampatea^^
Gonna miss you all... >.<
人生中有许多种 .


你怕不怕付出 ,
你会不会选择执迷不悟 ,

Monday, October 6, 2008

AnNoYING !!!!!

Er... er... How could I start my 'writing'?? Once upon a time...???? Yuck~~~ Fairy tale story meh?? Uh-hum... Good Afternoon everyone... Oh gosh~~ how dare you start with this, YAP SENG NGEE!!!!! Wake up.... Is alreday afternoon now...

Hmm.... come on.. serious a bit... Just straight to the point, make it easy and nice...
Well, This morning when i was on the way to school, suddenly I realised that I'm going to finish my English course soon. It should be a bliss news for my family and I but I didn't feel happy and excited at all... WHY?!?! This is because I am going to leave 19 sweet home' housemates a.k.a roomates a.k.a friends. I am really sad to leave them but what can I do?? nothing........ T_T
I can just accept the realistic and continue my study and life. As what I estimate I will finish the English course at next month, November with level 109 certificate.

However, the most headacher thing is I still have to attend the preparetion for TOEFL workshop as I want to further my studiiesss at oversea. The workshop only have class on Friday and Saturday. So should I still continue live in PJ sweet home or go to school to and from every Friday and Saturday??? Arh... This really annoy me!!!!

Why time run so fast and I couldn't catch it and spend it wisely??? I really wish to spend more time with them during this two months. I wish I could not to miss up any activities, fun, joy and time with them.

Can anyone tell me what should I do??? Grrr..... Arh... This really a pest for me!!!!!

Special Dinner~~~

I just back from my dinner... what a special dinner for me...

I think you are just wondering what kind cuisine i have until I said so special... keke~~~

Japanese, Korean, British, Chinese, Malay or Indian Cuisine????





No... NO... no...

Not any special cuisine....

uh-hum.... Actually I went to a Mamak that near my house...

The way they serve customer and food are really funny and special...

They are Green-consumer waiters, They serve food with only Banana leaf without any plate...

Can you imagine it???

When you have get your seat, they will come to you and ask whether you want to have rice or 'roti'...

If you want rice they will give you a big size Banana leaf, however if you want to have 'roti' then they will give a smaller size one. Then we are really curious where can we get the rice. Wait for them to serve or self-service.... But if self-service, then how we get the food with banana laef only.... After few minute, A waiter came to us with 3 containers which contain some vege...

He put all the vege on the Banana leaf and another guy come with some rice in a silver bowl. He did the same things as the first waiter, he put rice on the banana leaf... After that, many 'question marks' appear on our head... This is only the rice?? No meat or fish??? Only Vege??

hehe..... Sure no... then another waiter came with some chicken and ask whether we wanted it.

My friend wanted one chicken and some 'keropok'... This is how 'NASI' serve in that Mamak, Can you imagine how is it looked like???

So sorry, Cause I forgotten to take photo just now, three of us were just too excited and suprise then kept on laughing at there... If I have another chance to go there, I am sure I will take the photo...

erm.... Due to I'm not feeling well today, I was blur blur since this morning so I must get to bed early today... If not................ hehehe~~~~ someone will nagging at me de larrr....
So, good night.... muacks

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The next day back from Vacation- PD

Yesterday back from Shangee's hometown- PD... so tired orh... Cause I didn't sleep well for few days... As all of us know, after back from vacation sure have a lot of things to do...

1. Take rest
2.Clean the house
3.Wash all the clothes
4.Share with friends about the vacation
5.upload photos to computer to show friends.
and so on.....

What have I done???
I have did the 1,3 and 5

I slept at about 9 ++pm yesterday... kinda early... (unbelieveable) I can consider that i already sleep until "die"... *touch wood* why??? Cause my phone rang at midnight and I cant hear at all.... walao eh~~~ sleep untill like that o... really a big news for me as I'm a "tidur ayam"...
Actually this is a good news for me... cause I can really sleep well for the whole night without awake.... ^^V

No.3.... Oh my god~~~ I NEED WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!
I wore too many cloth at there.... Then I have to wash all the dirty cloth....
I have to wash 3 pail of BAJU!!!!!
Wash untill my hand also pain liao...
T_T sob sob...

By the way, I have already upload photos in my phone and ashley's digi cam into my PC... Now left Jaz, Vincent's phone one only.... Have to wait them online only can get photos from them...
Then only can upload to blog and show you all...
Sorry la.... need some time.... hehehe~~~