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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy yet Interesting & Fun life

It's March!!!!!
What is so special??

There are friends' Birthday, assignment due date, some celebration and event...
Time are just seems not enough for me..
But i still manage to sleep on time... hehehe.. piggy ma..

Let's wish some March baby Happy Birthday here..
5th March - Chee Kuan 21st Birthday
6th March - Chee How's Birthday
7th March - Jaz 20th Birthday
12th March - Jason Lim 21st Birthday
12th March - Grace Gan' 21st Birthday
14th March - Vincent Hee 22nd Birthday
14th March - Shyan's Birthday

Happy Birthday to ALL of you.. 
I might have to chance or might not have the chance to celebrate with you...
Best WISHES from me to you....^.<