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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warm Home-made Dinner

It is 27th March 2011 (Sunday)
just a simple weekend for everyone
today is a meaningful day for me!!!
Tecz Yong cooked me a home-made dinner for his first time of his LIFE..
He did everything on his own effort
AND The Most IMPORTANT Thing is

ALL the dishes were DELICIOUS!!! yummy~~~~
Thanks Bii~~~ <3
the 3 dishes... 

蒜糖花肉... 这个9分!!!!

芭拉煎抄鬼豆... 8分

降火参须汤... 这个很苦!!!!!!我自己调味失败.T_T (苦口凉汤)

I myself also cooked apple leong shui...
for myself, tecz yong, sharlene, shangree, Sam and Zact. 
the 4 bottle for four of them..
Hopefully they like it... 
Bii.. Thanks very much~~~

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